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With the city of Atlanta directly competing with other major cities for the title as the Art Mecca of the nation, Mad Dreamers Space™️ is doing its part by giving this thriving indie art community, access to the supplies needed to complete their creative projects. Founded in 2020, the local retail store is scheduled to make its debut by January 2022, with its online marketplace launching on the same schedule. Woman-owned and black- owned, its founder, Kaloni Cush, prides herself in being at the forefront of what is considered a movement for Black indie artists, as they are embarking on a historical climb to recognition for their artistic expression across various visual and fine art mediums.

As an artist herself, Cush has married her passion for art with her technical abilities to create an online space where artists around the United States can list and sell their unique selections.


Nestled in the heart of Dekalb County and positioned in one of Metro Atlanta’s fastest growing neighborhoods, Mad Dreamers Space™️ Atlanta is set to attract an eclectic crowd of upcoming and seasoned artists. While our customers will buy from us because our products are needed to create their art, some will choose to support us over other retailers because of the larger cause that is engrained in our mission – which is to promote Black Creators.


Our mission is to capture the essence of Art and Entrepreneurship in Black America, and to offer a secure space for new and upcoming artists to showcase, sell, and build their individual brands. At our local art supply store, we are committed to supplying the tools that local artists need to consistently produce.


✓ Gross $100K+
✓ Prioritize Safety
✓ Build Award Winning Platform ✓ Over 500 Marketplace Users


Founded in 2020 by visionary Kaloni Cush, Mad Dreamers Space™️, LLC grants creatives the opportunity to showcase their art on a turnkey operating platform that elegantly displays their unique and eye-grabbing art pieces.

Registered in the State of Georgia, and with a grand opening planned for fall 2021, Mad Dreamers Space™️, LLC allows artists across the United States to sell their hand- made pieces to a mass audience. Along with its online space, Mad Dreamers offers a local store where Atlanta residents can shop and hand-pick their favorite art supplies and brands for their personal and commercial projects, whether it be freshly designed resin table or other home décor ideas.

Though Mad Dreamers Space™️ exclusively targets and celebrates independent Black entrepreneurs, it proudly welcomes artists across all backgrounds and mediums who are seeking exposure.



We have three main sources of income: Online Market Space, Local Store, and Events.

A one-stop online marketplace for artists across all mediums, Mad Dreamers Space™️ will house an eclectic selection of art from independent creatives and entrepreneurs looking to increase their exposure and drive revenue.

Indie artists interested in listing their creations independent of the mainstream commercial fine arts market will view Mad Dreamers Space™️ as a new home to exhibit and sell their concept, whether it be Jewelry, Paintings, Books, Fashion, Home Goods, or other collectibles. Mad Dreamers Space™️ empowers, promotes, and provides a home for artists seeking independent brand

Local Store

Because fine artists work across a wide variety of mediums, to include clay, wood, paper, canvas, and much more, we exist to supply them with the tools they will need to achieve the look they are after. Our local store will feature items like acrylic and oil paints, color markers, glue, resin, and other essentials. As we grow, we will introduce small equipment like sewing machines, T-shirt pressers, and large easels, to name a few. One of the unique offerings of our local store that artists will be drawn to is the ability to rent our space on an hourly or daily basis, allowing them to fully maximize their creative ability and consistently produce. We understand that some of our customers prefer to shop from local suppliers and have a passion for supporting other artists. Because of this, our store will feature art from some of our most talented local artists.


With Atlanta being the proud home to a growing and well-established visual and fine arts community, we are launching a local art supply store at an opportune time. On a monthly basis, especially as the pandemic is brushed back, we will offer events like painting with mommy and daddy and will use these social gatherings to promote relationship building between parents and their children. We will also host art events, where art instructors from around the city can teach different art forms to those interested in taking up a new hobby or craft. These events will be ideal for activity partners or couples in courtship and even married couples who see hands-on activities as a way of strengthening their bonds. With Atlanta being a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, individuals can also book private art parties where we will provide an art instructor for them.


We are in the early phase of our journey, but already we recognize that it is our corporate responsibility to promote community engagement in the arts. Research supports the thought that art has a positive impact on youth development. Our goal is to host ongoing community events where local schools will bring students with disabilities to our space to create and engage in art activities. For these events, we will partner with art therapists experienced in working with special groups. The intention behind our efforts is to stir up confidence and creativity in our community youth, and beyond that, to promote positive social behaviors among adolescents.

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Though we are always anticipating the needs of our customers, we will make deliberate efforts to communicate with them and learn about their changing needs. Local patrons and online users who follow us on social media or who have joined our email list will have the opportunity to send feedback on how we can improve our service, products, and approach. We will further empower them by allowing them to have a say in future events.


About Ms. Cush

Founded by visionary, Kaloni Cush, Mad Dreamers Space offers creative visuals the opportunity to showcase their art on a turnkey operating platform that neatly displays and strategically promotes their unique pieces. With a degree in Fashion Merchandizing and after completing an internship at one of the nation’s leading fashion retailers, Saks 5th Avenue, Cush has always been a fashion and art enthusiast.

A heart for the community, she has dedicated a lot of her time and earlier career towards working with mentally and physically disadvantaged youth throughout Minnesota. Her intention is to continue to promote volunteerism and art engagement in the community and to use these efforts to change the lives and outcomes of at-risk and disadvantaged youth – especially those with special needs.

With a goal earn the title as prominent authority in the online art marketplace, Kaloni Cush has set a new standard for how art is represented for Black artists around the United States. To this ripe vision she brings her love for art, passion for the community, and real-world experience. Mad Dreamers Space is her gift to the Black community.

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